We answer the most common questions about our courses

General questions

No need, you will learn what you need during the course and with the introductory topics you will be able to get the necessary basis for the rest of any course

Within the limitations of being a 10-week course, both courses go into enough depth on all topics to master Venture Capital and Startup Finance

Content of the courses

The materials will be available for you to access indefinitely

Yes, we record and share all the materials and they will be posted on the platform so that you can access them without any problem

Payment and financing

No problem, in the contract we attach an annex to include the billing details, where you can put your personal details or those of your company

Payment for any of our courses can be paid in up to 3 monthly installments without any additional interest

Yes, if you belong to the community of any of our partners, please contact us, and we will inform you about the discounts

Direct debit, bank transfer, Sodexo, and Cobee